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    #Frankenfest – Week 5

    WELCOME TO WEEK FIVE! (Monday, 29th – Sunday, 31st) Well, it’s almost over….but don’t forget the giveaway! The monster tells Victor that it is his right to have a female monster companion. Victor refuses at first, but the monster appeals to Victor’s sense of responsibility as his creator. He tells Victor that all of his evil actions have been the result of a desperate loneliness. He promises to take his new mate to South America to hide in the jungle far from human contact. With the sympathy of a fellow monster, he argues, he will no longer be compelled to…

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    #Frankenfest – Week 4

    WELCOME TO WEEK FOUR! (Monday, 22nd – Sunday, 28th) Well, this is it guys…the end is nye! What is everyone thinking so far? –Chapters 8, 9 & 10– Justine confesses to the crime, believing that she will thereby gain salvation,…

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    #FrankenFest – Week 3

    WELCOME TO WEEK THREE! (Monday, 15th – Sunday, 21st) Well, we’ve finished the first several chapters, what are you thinking so far? –Chapters 1 & 2– The stranger, who the reader soon learns is Victor Frankenstein, begins his narration. He…

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    #FrankenFest – Week Two

    WELCOME TO WEEK TWO! (Monday, 8th – Sunday, 14th) Well, what did you think about the first few sections of Frankenstein? I found it vary interesting to get to know a bit about the characters and background…but I must admit……

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    #FrankenFest – Week One

    WELCOME TO WEEK ONE! (Monday, 1st – Sunday, 7th) So glad you made it! I’m so excited to host this event. I’ve been wanting to read Frankenstein for so long. I slightly sort of know about the story but not…

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    #FrankenFest is Upon Us!

    Hello all! How’s your Autumn coming along? Today’s post will be all about Frankenstein & FrankenFest. If you haven’t heard yet, I will be hosting a month long Readalong/Tribute to Frankenstein in October. I haven’t read the book before and…

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    Mody Dick Discussion

    I recently read Moby Dick and LOVED IT! I’ve been wanted to do a discussion post for weeks…but haven’t really figured out the right questions to ask. But recently I can across a reading guide to Moby Dick as well…

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