• Moby Dick

    Mody Dick Discussion

    I recently read Moby Dick and LOVED IT! I’ve been wanted to do a discussion post for weeks…but haven’t really figured out the right questions to ask. But recently I can across a reading guide to Moby Dick as well…

  • Memes

    You Choose My August TBR

    The MY TBR List Meme is one of my favorite memes. Thanks so much to Because Reading for hosting it every month. In this post I will go over all the books I’m reading this month then let you all…

  • Projects

    Spin List #18 Winner

    You guys have probably all read that the spin list winning number was #9! Woot, its a great number! After look at my list I was both intrigued and slightly disappointed. Intrigued because I know absolutely nothing about the book…

  • Memes,  Updates

    July Wrap Up

    Welcome to the July Wrap Up! The Wrap Up Round Up is a Meme hosted each month over at Feed Your Fiction Addiction. The Monthly In Review is a monthly feature over at The Book Date. They give us bloggers…

  • Events

    Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

    Yes! It’s readathon time! The Dewey 24 hour readathon is INTENSE. You read for a whole day as much as possible. If you want more if, check the link above. Since I’m actually off work for a lot of the…

  • Events

    #CCSpin List #18

    Have you heard? It’s spin list time baby! Woot! Actually, I must admit this is my first time to participate in a spin list challenge…but im very excited. Also, this will be the first official event that the group hosts…

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