• Spring Read List
    Seasonal Reading

    Spring Reading List & Annoucements

    Hello Spring, We finally meet again! I’ve waited months for Spring…but now I’m remembering how much it rains in March & April. We’ve had rain on 7 days out of the past 9 days. Oh dear. Rain makes me want to curl up and ignore the world. Springtime and rain are great for reading though, so I am predicting a great few months, book-wise atleast!

  • Hello March
    Monthly Challenge

    March Reading Challenge

    To try to keep myself on track, I’ve decided to do monthly challenges in 2019. In 2018, I did monthly TBR’s and I found myself straying from them a lot or not wanting to read those specific books, so hopefully this will help alleviate some of that. Each month I will set forth some a few challenges as well as go over the progress for the previous month. At the end of the year, I will rate myself on how on point my reading was. You can also check last month’s post to see how much progress I made in the last 30 days.

  • Cant Wait Wednesday

    3 Books I Can’t Wait to Read

    Hey everyone, welcome this week’s post about books I cant wait to read. While there are literally 100 books on my tbr and interesting new releases every week, I decided to focus on only 3 for today. These are mostly books the were recommended to me at work from some of my patrons and coworkers.

  • Reading Projects

    Historical Science Reading List

    While working checkout, I came across this very interesting book called The Story of Western Science by Susan Wise Bauer. I’ve heard of this author before because she is very popular with a lot of the parents I talk with, but I haven’t heard of this particular book before. After flipping through it, I quickly realized that I wanted to read all of the works the author listed as reference material. The books start with the first science texts and early scientific methods and go through space exploration and advanced scientific theories. This list is definitly geared towards lovers of science and math and probably less so for casual readers.…

  • Discussions

    Madame Bovary Discussion

    I randomly picked up Madame Bovary a couple weeks back and just read though it in a weekend. I had no idea what it was about or anything other than that it was only my classics club list. I was very surprise that I was able to get thourgh it soo fast considering its a “classic” and they have a notorious reputation for be hard and convoluted to read. Soo happy I read this book though. Possibly one of the best books of the year…and it’s still early February…. :O