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New Books on My TBR This Week

Hello all, and welcome to my post all about the new books on my tbr this week. This meme is hosted over at Tynga’s Review and Reading Reality.

Book(s) I Added Because I Loved The Cover
Book(s) I Added Because They Were Recommended
…none this week…

Book(s) I Added Because of the Hype
Book(s) I Added Because I Like the Synopsis, Author or Series
Book(s) I Added Because I Needed Then For a Club or Challenge
Book(s) I Added Because I Accidently Got Finger Happy

I'm an avid reader and love most all books, but my favorite genres tend to be mystery, adventure, science fiction and classics. Genres I tend to shy away from include romance, contemporary fiction and chick lit. If I’m not actually reading books, I’m probably at work shelving them at my local library.


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