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Welcome to the Spring Cleaning Book Tag! Thank you soo much to Reading In The Wings for tagging me. This tag is sooo relevant because in actually in the process of spring/summer cleaning. I think its fun to apply it to books!

The Struggle of Getting Started: A book I struggled to begin because of its size
Gone With The Wind
This book is massive! I do plan on atleast starting it this summer.

Cleaning Out the Closet: A book or series you want to unhaul
Wicked Lovely Series
Mainly because it is an Urban Fantasy and it’s just not my genre of choice. I didn’t really enjoy the series.

Opening Windows and Letting Fresh Air In: A book that was refreshing
Of Scars and Stardust
I can’t really say why….but the topic and ending was the first I read of this kind. Highly recommended.

Washing Out The Sheets: A book with a scene you wish you could rewrite
Title Wave
The lunch scene with the nonfiction author. It made Tricia and Angelica seems so rude and snobby. It really affected the rest of the book for me and my thoughts of them.

Throwing Out Unnecessary Knick-Knacks: A book in a series you didn’t think was necessary
Twilight, Book 4
I guess this is meaning that no sequels were needed…but I decided to just list book 4 of Twilight. I think book 3 was a good ending and the whole pregnancy thing seemed super weird to me!

Polishing Doorknobs: A book that had a clean finish
Take The Fall
This book was overall amazing and the ending was stellar. I thought about this book for sooo long after finishing it.

Reaching to Dust the Fan: A book that tried too hard to relay a certain message
Under A Million Stars
Idk what was up with this story…but I just couldn’t really like the love interest. It was trying too hard to make him out like a broken/wounded person but redeemable…I just didn’t get/buy it really. I did like the book overall though.

The Tiring, Yet Satisfying Finish of Spring Cleaning: A book series that was tiring but satisfying to get through
Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Mystery
Definitely and for sure. This series was sooo long and the books kept coming and Sookie sometimes got herself into crazy situations that I didn’t like reading, but it was a great experience overall. Soo superior to the TV show…blah.

And I nominate…
Books of a Shy Girl
The Calico Books
Whit Reads Lit
And any of you that wants to participate!

I'm an avid reader and love most all books, but my favorite genres tend to be mystery, adventure, science fiction and classics. Genres I tend to shy away from include romance, contemporary fiction and chick lit. If I’m not actually reading books, I’m probably at work shelving them at my local library.

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