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Well Hello Winter! I can’t believe it is already December. How did this happen soo fast? I vividly remember March like it was yesterday! So crazy! Anyway, soo happy to get ready for Christmas and publish my winter reading list! Winter is my favorite time to read…mainly because it’s too cold to do anything else. Yay!

#1. I got a kindle for black Friday! Yay! Well not really a kindle but a fire tablet….but I still plan on using it for my reading. My number 1 favorite thing about it, is that you can make alexa read your books too you! YES, soo good. This will be really great for when I am in a reading slump. I’ve already started a new book! Wow! Much motivation. So effective. Such Happiness.

#2. I will be releasing my 2019 (so soon?) yearly challenges soon. I almost never complete any challenge I start, lol, but they are still fun. Do you have any suggestions?

My Winter reading list will include all the books I plan to finish, read completely through or atleast start during the next 3 months.
Books Left Over from Autumn

Books I’m Reading For The Classics Club

Books I’m Reading for Challenges

Books I’m Reading Because I Just Want To

Newer Releases I’m Still Hoping To Pick Up

So, what will you be reading this Winter?

I'm an avid reader and love most all books, but my favorite genres tend to be mystery, adventure, science fiction and classics. Genres I tend to shy away from include romance, contemporary fiction and chick lit. If I’m not actually reading books, I’m probably at work shelving them at my local library.


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