Winter's Respite Readathon

Winter’s Respite Readathon

Hello all. The time has some.. Time for some readathons! January has 2 i’ll be participating in Bout of Books 24 and Winter’s Respite! Readathons are my favorite book blog type event so I cant wait to get some reading done!


31 days – Jan. 1 to 31

Read 4 to 5 Books or 1000 pages
Post 3 Reviews
Make 10 new Blog friends

Week 1
Pages Read: 809
Books Finished: Mortal Instruments by Philip Reeve & Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
Reviews Posted: 1
Friends Added: 0

Summary: Did amazingly well on reading this week but not so great on community or posting reviews. Week two is also Bout of Books, so I think the community goals atleast will be easier to do.

Week 2
Pages Read: 416
Books Finished: Crepe Factor by Laura Childs
Reviews Posted: 2
Friends Added: 4

Summary: Did pretty well on reviews and friends, but at the expense of actually reading! Hoping to be more balanced going forward.

Week 3
Pages Read: 468
Books Finished: Stolen by Kelley Armstrong
Reviews Posted: 0
Friends Added: 0

Summary: tba

Week 4
Pages Read: tba
Books Finished: tba
Reviews Posted: tba
Friends Added: tba

Summary: tba

Total Pages Read: tba
Total Books Finished: tba
Total Reviews Posted: tba
Total Friends Added: tba

Summary: tba

Check the archive if you are interested in past events I’ve participated in. Also, I’ve recently posted my 2018 Reading Stats and 2018 Blog Stats.

What aspect of this event are you looking forward to the most?

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