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It’s Monday, What Am I Reading?

Hey everyone, It’s Monday, what am I reading? This is one of my new favorite posts. In order to reach my 50 book goal, I plan on starting a new book every week. This post will reveal that book as well as highlight a book I just finished and a book I will start soon. I’m hoping to publish these posts once or twice a month.


Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
What I’ve Been Reading Recently
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Madame Bovary is the debut novel of French writer Gustave Flaubert, published in 1856. The character lives beyond her means in order to escape the banalities and emptiness of provincial life. When the novel was first serialized in La Revue de Paris between 1 October 1856 and 15 December 1856, public prosecutors attacked the novel for obscenity. The resulting trial in January 1857 made the story notorious. After Flaubert’s acquittal on 7 February 1857, Madame Bovary became a bestseller in April 1857 when it was published in two volumes. A seminal work of literary realism, the novel is now considered Flaubert’s masterpiece, and one of the most influential literary works in history.

I started this book randomly and with no real plan. My psychology side really appreciated analyzing the characters, although I didn’t really real enjoy any of them. I did however like the book as a whole and plan to post a discussion later this week. I feel like I could tell instantly why this book is considered a classic but i’d love to see what other people think. I also found it really interesting that it was written by a male in France in 1856 but still feels so relevant.

Canyon Sacrifice by Scott Graham
Canyon Sacrifice by Scott Graham
What I’m Starting this Week
Canyon Sacrifice by Scott Graham

Canyon Sacrifice brings the rugged western landscape, the mysterious past of the ancient Anasazi Indians, and the Southwest’s ongoing cultural fissures vividly to life. A deadly struggle against murderous kidnappers in Grand Canyon National Park forces archaeologist Chuck Bender to face up to his past as he realizes every parents’ worst nightmare: a missing child.

I’ve had this book for 3 weeks now but still haven’t really opened it or made much progress in it. I’m hoping to make a lot of progress on it this week and maybe finish it next week. The series has 4 books (so far) so I’m really interested in reading into further books. I find National Parks and nature in general really inspiring and beautiful, so I really hope I like the series. I lived in Phoenix for a number of years but unfortunately, was never able to go to the Grand Canyon, so hopefully reading this book will help make up for that. Well, I doubt a book can be as spectacular as a nature wonder of the world, but its a start. & I love mysteries, so this book is defiantly a good fit for me.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
What I’ll Be Reading Soon
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Acclaimed by many as the world’s greatest novel, Anna Karenina provides a vast panorama of contemporary life in Russia and of humanity in general. In it Tolstoy uses his intense imaginative insight to create some of the most memorable characters in literature. Anna is a sophisticated woman who abandons her empty existence as the wife of Karenin and turns to Count Vronsky to fulfil her passionate nature – with tragic consequences. Levin is a reflection of Tolstoy himself, often expressing the author’s own views and convictions. Throughout, Tolstoy points no moral, merely inviting us not to judge but to watch. As Rosemary Edmonds comments, ‘He leaves the shifting patterns of the kaleidoscope to bring home the meaning of the brooding words following the title, ‘Vengeance is mine, and I will repay.

I was originally going to read Gone With The Wind this month but since there will be a Readalong of it in March, I’ve decided to read Anna Karenina instead. I don’t know much about the book or story beside that it’s Rory Gilmore’s favorite book. 😀

This post is part of the “It’s Monday, What are you reading?” series, hosted at The Book Date. Each week we post the book we are starting that week or the book we are currently reading. To see all my #IMWAYR posts, check out my archive. I’ve also recently published my Reading Stats from 2018 as well as my Blog Stats from 2018!

Thanks for coming by! What are you starting or currently reading?

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  • Stephanie

    Oh wow, Anna Karenina! I’m definitely looking forward to reading your thoughts about this. I’ve never even attempted to tackle Tolstoy; I think I’ve just been too intimidated (although I don’t know why; I think I’ve always been under the impression that it would be too difficult, for some reason. Or maybe it’s the length…). I’ll cheer you on from the comment section!!!
    Stephanie recently posted…My Favorite Half-Night Stand- Christina LaurenMy Profile

    • Books In Bloom

      I find the length daunting. :/ I plan to split my reading time between the cd audiobook in my car, the physical book on my desk at work and the ebook on my ereader. I’m hoping that the changing scenery will disguise the length. lol.

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