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Hello Spring, We finally meet again! I’ve waited months for Spring…but now I’m remembering how much it rains in March & April. We’ve had rain on 7 days out of the past 9 days. Oh dear. Rain makes me want to curl up and ignore the world. Springtime and rain are great for reading though, so I am predicting a great few months, book-wise atleast!


#1. Well, I recently started my new semester. I’ll be taking American Govt, World Civilizations 1, Human Anatomy 1 & 2 and Abnormal Psychology. While these classes sound awesome and fun…there’s a bunch of reading that goes with each: 4 textbooks and about 25 nonfiction books/research papers. So unfortunately, the blog will probably be a bit lonely since I wont have as much time to be here.

#2. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing quite bad on my reading challenges. I find that constricting myself to only books with a certain theme really dampens my mood for reading in general. Or I’ll find a book I like and then I start feeling guilty because it doesn’t fit any objectives on the reading challenge lists. It’s making reading less enjoyable overall. So I am highly considering just scaping them… or maybe simplifying them to a few overall yearly goals. Like reading more books from other countries or reading more diverse books. My spreadsheet does an amazing job at keeping track of everything, so maybe I should just focus on analyzing what I’ve read instead of pre-planning & restricting my books for the whole year.


My Spring reading list will include all the books I plan to finish, read completely through or atleast start during the next 3 months.

Books Left Over from Winter

Books I’m Reading For The Classics Club

Books I’m Reading for Challenges & Review Requests

Books I’m Reading Because I Just Want To

Newer Releases I’m Still Hoping To Pick Up

This is post is part of the “Seasonal Reading” Series. Each season, I create a list of books I want to read in that 3 months period. To see all my Seasonal reading posts, check out my archive. I’ve also recently published my Reading Stats from 2018 as well as my Blog Stats from 2018!

Thanks for coming by! What do you plan on reading the next 3 months?

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I'm an avid reader and love most all books, but my favorite genres tend to be mystery, adventure, science fiction and classics. Genres I tend to shy away from include romance, contemporary fiction and chick lit. If I’m not actually reading books, I’m probably at work shelving them at my local library.


  • Stephanie

    Your classes all sound seriously interesting! Trying to cram in reading for pleasure when you’re already reading mounds of academic texts can definitely be an exercise in frustration.

    I’m usually with you on getting burned out with reading challenges, but I’m finding Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge to be exactly what I need. I’m trying to diversify my reading list and author choices, read new-to-me genres, and read new things in general, and this is helping with all of that, so I don’t feel so boxed in. And the Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge is fairly simple, so I still feel like I can tackle that. No more, though!

    I’d *really* love to read more from my own shelves. It’s a goal I’ve got, but with the challenges, it’s hard…but I WILL make it happen!
    Stephanie recently posted…Ghosted- Rosie WalshMy Profile

    • Books In Bloom

      I find myself getting really interested in my class readings and I sort of forget about my other books for a few days, until I see the book, then I want to read it and ditch the schoolwork. :D.

      For the challenges, I don’t think I’ve ever finished one in the last 4ish years. Wow. I think one issue could be that I don’t know of any good books within the needed topics. Like ones I want to read or have looked forward to. I guess it takes a while for me to warm up to the idea of reading a book. And I only have time for 20 or 30 books a year…so I don’t want those to all be books I’ve never heard of. :/ I’ll look into Modern Mrs Darcy. 🙂

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