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Hello Summer & Welcome. I cannot believe that Summer is upon us. This is soo crazy! I feel like it’s still February or March. Admittedly, Summer is probably my least favorite season. It gets extremely hot and humid here, so it just doesn’t work well with my lifestyle! I feel like oppressive heat just causes me to never leave the house. I guess that is why I can read a lot in Summer. Yay! I literally got zero reading dont over Spring, so you will probably recognize a bunch of the books here. I still have a few to catch up on….by a few I mean like 20. lol.


#1. Well, I’ve decided to make a new life goal: financial freedom. To facilitate this, I plan on starting and maintaining a Roth IRA, get my real Estate License and Start various side jobs. I thinking I have budgeting and debt repayment down… but I will probably work on that too. I think that’s un related to books…but my blog my slow down (not that I’ve posted in Months…lol) to make way for the set up and implementing of a new blog and possibly YouTube channel. YAY!


My Summer reading list will include all the books I plan to finish, read completely through or atleast start during the next 3 months.

Books Left Over from Spring

Books I’m Reading For The Classics Club

Books I’m Reading for Challenges & Review Requests

Books I’m Reading Because I Just Want To

Newer Releases I’m Still Hoping To Pick Up

This is post is part of the “Seasonal Reading” Series. Each season, I create a list of books I want to read in that 3 months period. To see all my Seasonal reading posts, check out my archive. I’ve also recently published my Reading Stats from 2018 as well as my Blog Stats from 2018!

Thanks for coming by! What do you plan on reading the next 3 months?

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