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#FridayFeature Skyjump by Anastasia Bolinder

This week’s book is one I recently received for review. If you like the sounds of it, i’ll be posting my review next week. I’ll also be posting my Wildcat review next week some time. I only have a few chapters left! After that, i’m not sure what i’ll start…but i’m thinking about the Nancy Drew Christmas Book.


The horizon loomed before us with a grayish dot of a city gracing the white desert landscape, as if to make you believe it was nothing more than a mirage.
First Line
Skyjump by Anastasia Bolinder

Skyjump by Anastasia Bolinder
MG Fantasy Adventure | 252 Pages | Pub. 2019

Climb, Jump, Win. It is all about the climb for Quil but for her father, her family and her legacy it is about survival for a magical creature that they all become when needed. Magic is loosing to a world of haters and non-believers that fear the old ways and they are intent on destroying that old way. Quil must find her place in the world and save her kind from extinction, but the journey is hard, the dangers real, and her will to survive must be as strong as the beast she becomes when needed.

I felt as if life itself could not have been more meaningless, why did this day have to keep rising to lovely heights just to drop me down when I think I might stand a chance of staying up?

Page 56


Do you think that overall work morale would be improved by having a “book lunch”, sponsored by your company, at least once a month, or perhaps once a week?

Um, YES! I even work at the library and don’t even get book lunches. I think it would be awesome to have Tuesday lunches where we talk to books being released that month… Or we could talk about the NYT bestsellers list. Would def elevate the workplace and raise morale.

This post is part of the “Friday Feature” series, which consists of “First Line Friday”, hosted by Hoarding Books, “Books Beginnings”, hosted by Rose City Reader, and “The Friday 56”, hosted by Freda’s Voice. Each week we feature one books and share it’s first line as well as a line from page 56. The “Question of the Week” is hosted over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. To see all my #FLF/#BookBeginnings/#Friday56 posts, check out my archive. I’ve also recently published my Reading Stats from 2018 as well as my Blog Stats from 2018!

Thanks for coming by! What book are you featuring this week?

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