Discussions are my #1 goal on the blog. Reading and reviewing is easy...I want to actually talk about the book. You'll find all my discussions listed here.

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    Madame Bovary Discussion

    I randomly picked up Madame Bovary a couple weeks back and just read though it in a weekend. I had no idea what it was about or anything other than that it was only my classics club list. I was very surprise that I was able to get thourgh it soo fast considering its a “classic” and they have a notorious reputation for be hard and convoluted to read. Soo happy I read this book though. Possibly one of the best books of the year…and it’s still early February…. :O

  • Frankenstein Discussion

    Frankenstein Discussion

    Frankenstein! Yes, one of my favorite books of 2018. I posted a huge discussion, a lot of other info on Frankenstein, during FrankenFest last year, but I’ve decided to streamline the questions and publish them on their own in a more accessible and simple post. I’d def have to say that Frankenstein is one of the most though provoking books I’ve read in a while. Can’t wait to see what you all think.

  • Moby Dick Discussion

    Moby Dick Discussion

    I recently read Moby Dick and couldn’t wait to post my Moby Dick Discussion! Totally LOVED IT! I’ve been wanted to do a discussion post for weeks…but haven’t really figured out the right questions to ask. But recently I can across a reading guide to Moby Dick as well as the book A Lifetime’s Reading and they both gave me a lot of inspiration!