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    Crimival: Carousel Crimes by R.L. Walker

    This was a delightful read. I frequent a lot of fairs and carnivals and always wondered what it would be like to work for one and constantly be moving. I liked the imagery that the author gives about the setup and tear down being similar to a life cycle. That's a great way to think about it and adds a lot of atmosphere to the story. I really liked Zoe, though she seems to be a lot older than 16. She can pretty much handle her food stand and business on her own. Besides that one issue with Uncle Ike, she's doing great and it's nice to see a young…

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    Death By Pumpkin Spice by Alex Erikson

    This was a near perfect cozy mystery! It takes place at a Halloween party in a huge (haunted?) mansion during a thunderstorm. What else do you need really? About 80% of the characters are new to this story, so there were many many options on who the killer might be. There were hidden clues throughout that the narrator didn't actually explain, so if you are a seasoned mystery reader, you could probably solve the case before Krissy. This story also had a lot of action...which i found sort of interesting in a cozy mystery. Not sure I've seen a story structure quite like this before, but i really liked it.…

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    A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis

    I'd say overall this was a very good book. I thought i would have liked it more though since it cover topics from my major.... but overall i found it just ok. I think my main issue was that i found the story disjointed and didn't see what the first half of the book had to do with the main idea....not that I ever caught the main purpose. It sort of seemed like a meandering story of someones life and not really plot driven. With that being said though, I really love the glimpses into Grace's life. I think she is an interesting character. Towards the end, we did see…

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    The Spook in the Stacks by Eva Gates

    I started this book a few days after finishing the book right before it in the series. I love how the story line just picks up without a huge gap. I feel like i was very privy to the events of the book since i just read the book before it. The characters, as usual, were great. They are very consistent from book to book and while there was mention of things from books i haven't read yet, it still seemed familiar and within characterization. I didn't really dislike any of the characters and thought they were all great. The only slightly annoying part was that the story was pretty…

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    Reading Up a Storm by Eva Gates

    Woot! I'm so happy to have found this book and series. I started Book 1 of the series a few months back...but didn't get much past the first chapter. I feel kind of bad now because i really loved it. I didn't see much hype on the book before reading it although I did notice that the author was a bestseller. I really love the setting of the series: in a library and on the beach. Amazing. I've read other nautical cozies before but not ones that was library and nautical. I love the ocean and beachy mysteries are my favorite. As far characters, i loved them. I'd have to…