Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

Dollhouse by Anya Allyn
Series Number: #1
Page Count: 373
Published: 2012-05-20
An abandoned mansion, deep in the woods. A dollhouse, filled with life-sized toys. A doorway into other realms. And girls who keep disappearing... When Cassie’s best friend, Aisha, vanishes during a school hike, Cassie sets off with Aisha's boyfriend and their friend Lacey, determined to find her. Instead, the three teens fall into a carefully-laid trap—deep into the surreal nightmare and dark secrets of the Dollhouse. Now, Cassie must uncover the mysteries of the Dollhouse…
4.9Overall Score


Well wow!! This book was creepy & delicious for sure. I haven't read a book with this "creep out" level since Katie Alendar's Series.

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Pacing

In the beginning of this books it seemed just like a search and research book with a little romance…something like a contemperary..but about halfway through you learn that there is sooo much more going on: ghosts, circus paraphernalia and creepy weird people…and of course dolls and toys. I know, scary as crap right. lol

As far as characters, My fave would have to be Lacey. I think i can relate to her the most. She seems the most sensible to me. I like Cassie & Missouri next because they are strong. Id have to say that i like Aisha the least. She just seems whiny and childish to me and i dont like it. I am not sure yet about Jessamine or Ethan. They both have a shroud over them and its really hard to tell if they can be trusted or not. I certainly don’t like Henry…Frreeeaak. All the characters were written very well. They were deep, unique and well defined.

As far as world building and setting, i think the author did an awesome job. She is very descriptive in the writing without the “info dump” feeling. I could clearly see most of the scenery pretty easily in my head. I was pretty scared on some parts, but awesome none the less. I’m not sure if this is the author’s first book, but it is very well written.

Overall, i would def recommend this book to anyone who enjoys creepy books. It’s an awesome books and i found no flaws at all. It’s pretty safe for all YA ages since it only contains very vague references to sex, drugs, drinking, but nothing direct.

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