The Concealed by Sarah Kleck

The Concealed by Sarah Kleck

The Concealed by Sarah Kleck
Series Number: 1
Page Count: 338
Published: 11-01-2015
After her parents died in a car accident when she was just a child, Evelyn Lakewood was left alone in the world. Now grown up, she enrolls at Oxford University, where she begins to create a new, stable life. But when she encounters Jared Calmburry, who she later discovers is an orphan with his own tragic history, the equilibrium she was striving for is thrown off. Instantly drawn to this mysterious stranger with the incredible…
4.3Overall Score

The Concealed

Overall, this was a beautifully written book. I look forward to reading the second book and other books by this author & would def recommend this book to my friends.

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I really liked this story. This was the author’s first book and the first book in the Lakewood series. The beginning of the story is with Evelyn starting school and trying to stabilize her life. Her parents have recently died and shes been depressed. As the story progresses she meets Jared and a few other friends and stumbles upon a massive mystery.

From what I understand, this book was written originally in German. Also, the setting is in the UK. Those two factors contribute to a slightly unique language style. I personally find the wording and descriptions to be charming, though i’ve read a bunch of negative opinions on it. I judge books purely on the story idea and how enjoyable i find it & I found this book to be completely enjoyable.

My favorite part of the story was the paranormal mystery parts. I have read a few other books with a slightly similar paranormal aspects…and i enjoyed them all. I also liked the descriptive characters. I like Jared ( he was awesome) and disliked Felix (scum of the earth! lol)…but they were both written well and were believable. I liked Evelyn ok, but felt she could be more confident. The setting was beautiful too. I love reading books in the UK…though i haven’t read many.

Overall, this was a beautifully written book. Some parts were very suspenseful and some others were just sweet. I look forward to reading the second book and other books by this author. I am also considering reading the German version so i can compare. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars and would def recommend this book to my friends.

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