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    The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

    This book struck a cord very close to home for me. Having to deal with alcoholism within my own family and being a Psychology Major, I feel I can better relate to the struggles and emotions in the story. The overwhelming theme in the book is a woman’s fight to keep her child safe while still struggling to come to terms with her relationship and responsibilities to her abusive husband. I saw this very struggle as a child growing up, so i’m very familiar with how damaging it can be and all of the ways it can play out. One thing I’ve been seeing in other reviews is how a…

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    #CCSpin List – Number 21

    It’s spin list time! YAY! I’ve historically preformed horribly with these…i don’t think i’ve ever finished a spin book. Wow! But i still want to atleast participate. I’ve decided to theme my list with all scary books since the reading timeframe is October. That will def motivate me to read. Ive decided to choose seven books and randomize them into 20 spots. Not sure if this adheres to the rules, but i love this list! I’m hoping for Tenant of Wildfell Hall!

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    #CCSpin #19

    Have you heard? It’s spin list time baby! Woot! I preformed horribly last time and didn’t finish my book. It got slightly boring…and it didn’t really seem to be moving forward in the storyline. I do still want to finish it though…eventually. This Spin is a bit different. Not only is it themed for “Chunksters” but we also have all the way into January to finish! YES! Maybe this will make the difference for me!

  • Moby Dick Discussion

    Moby Dick Discussion

    I recently read Moby Dick and couldn’t wait to post my Moby Dick Discussion! Totally LOVED IT! I’ve been wanted to do a discussion post for weeks…but haven’t really figured out the right questions to ask. But recently I can across a reading guide to Moby Dick as well as the book A Lifetime’s Reading and they both gave me a lot of inspiration!

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    Spin List #18 Winner

    You guys have probably all read that the spin list winning number was #9! Woot, its a great number! After look at my list I was both intrigued and slightly disappointed. Intrigued because I know absolutely nothing about the book and Disaappointed because I was hoping for a small book. lol.